Infection Relief Program

2010 Campaign – “Bandage Care Campaign”

There are many in the US that suffer from MRSA infections; they have surgical site infections and others have chronic skin infections. The victims are invisible. I receive countless phone calls and emails every week from MRSA victims seeking help.

Many live in rural areas and far away from county health facilities and many also live in poor urban areas. With the cut back of health services and with no help from Medicaid or Medicare for such items, many MRSA victims are left to fend for themselves the best that they can. They do not change their dressings often enough and those with skin infections may not clean and cover them, leaving them open and infectious. Many have lost their jobs and can not work and can not pay for the basic items they need to heal.

As a MRSA survivor myself; for over eight months I took care of my surgical wounds that were infected with MRSA and spent hundreds of dollars doing so. Many can not afford to do this as they have trouble just keeping their home and buying food. As we see what is happening in Haiti, it is also happening too many in the US. MRSA infections are a dehumanizing, isolating experience and victims are left alone to treat their infections as best they can.

Together, we can help in a small way and show these disenfranchised, forgotten victims that we care and lessen their burden. It will give them a boost and help them in their healing process. The items that are needed are: 4×4 gauze bandages, gauze roll, surgical tape, antiseptic wash and latex gloves. Other items we need are mailing material, labels, etc. and a donation for postage. We will put together 2 and 4 weeks supply of items into packets which will be mailed directly to their home with instructions.

This humanitarian mission would directly impact and help to save lives of MRSA victims. We would advertise this on our web site and send out press releases and contact the media. Nothing before has ever been done for MRSA victims except the MRSA screening and reporting legislation and World MRSA Day that we initiated to raise awareness. Direct help to needy persons is crucial.

Sometimes, we forget what is happening in our own country and your kind donations will make a huge difference in many lives and again you will be heroes. The above mentioned campaign would start out as a pilot program. Please open your heart and join us in saving lives!

Kindest regards,

Jeanine Thomas

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