Sterling and Crystal MRSA Awareness Bracelet

Sterling Crystal Bracelet

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MRSA Awareness Earrings

MRSA Earrings

PureGreen24 MRSA disinfectant

PureGreen24 MRSA disinfectant

Thank you to PureGreen for supporting the MRSA Survivors Network and World MRSA Day by offering this coupon code and donating to our fund.

Please visit our website to order our product or for additional information:

Use coupon code: MRSA to save 10% off your order, in addition 23% of sales will be donated to MRSA Survivors Network. Please let your family and friends know about this promotion. Exp 8/31/2013

Pure Green LLC, distributor of PureGreen24 disinfectant, is pleased to announce that we will be donating 23% of sales of PureGreen24 referred by MRSA Survivors Network for this wonderful cause.

PureGreen24 disinfectant kills Staph and multiple strains of MRSA (CA-MRSA & PVL MRSA) in only 2 minutes, while providing 24hr residual protection. 

PureGreen24 is the perfect solution for disinfecting against this very contagious bacteria without the use of any toxic chemicals.
PureGreen24 is odorless, non-bleaching and will not damage surfaces or fabrics.

PureGreen24 can help prevent the spread of MRSA and Staph. 

All other disinfectants on the market contain very toxic chemicals or are not EPA registered to kill MRSA none of them provide EPA registered 24hr residual protection like PG24. PureGreen24 is safe enough to use on children’s toys without rinsing.

If you have any questions about Staph & MRSA disinfection, please don’t hesitate to contact me, David Stetson, Co-Founder: 800-306-9122 ext 1.

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