Hong Kong Pools

Say “Hong Kong,” and shopping, dim sum and high-rise buildings are probably the first things that come to mind – not swimming pools. But the city is actually loaded with scenic and super-cool places to soak up some rays, from a natural infinity pool on a mountainside to one of the world’s highest rooftop pools, surrounded by glass bottom-to-ceiling windows, at the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong.

A day pass to the hotel’s wellness facilities, including the pool, costs around HK$1,500, but it’s definitely worth it! The sleek and modern pool has a purple ceiling that looks like the sky and 144 LED screens that create a coral reef and blue skies, so you feel like you’re in the open sea without getting burnt by the sun.

The pool is a sight to behold, but it’s also a great way to get some exercise in a gorgeous setting without the heat of the day or the throngs of people at a public pool. The water is kept at a comfortable temperature, and you can use the floating platforms or lounge chairs to relax while you swim, or just hang out in the jacuzzi with a drink.

This iconic rooftop pool offers a view of the city that’s nothing short of spectacular, especially at sunset! You can swim laps in the main pool, practise your dives in the diving pool or just take a dip to cool off and enjoy the views of Victoria Harbour. The rooftop is also home to a cocktail bar, a spa and a fitness centre.

In the past, public and government-run pools tend to be crowded and often lack top-notch facilities, but many hotels in Hong Kong have their own sparkling pools that make for the ultimate luxury escape! With (semi) private time, stunning facilities and amazing views, these hotel pools are the best place to kick back, relax and have fun in the water.

In the run-up to summer, nearly half of Hong Kong’s public pools have told clubs they won’t open certain lanes and facilities for swimming classes because of a shortage of lifeguards. The move has sparked fears of class cancellations, which could affect swimmers’ health and the development of the city’s sports industry.

The re-opening of the pool is set for September 1, 2022, and will include a water play area and two outdoor pools. It will also feature a cafe and retail space with an extensive seating area. The new facilities are hoped to attract mainland tourists and boost business for the local community, particularly restaurants and hotels in the vicinity.

The reopening of the pool is part of the LCSD’s efforts to ensure high quality water quality in all public pools, in light of recent reports of the contamination of some pool waters with vomit or faeces by mainland visitors. The influx of swimmers from the mainland has been blamed by some media on the poor water quality in Shenzhen pools, which has been compared to those in Hong Kong.