Singapore Pools’ New Central Lottery System

sgp pools

sgp pools

Founded in 1968, Singapore Pools took a pioneering approach to combating illegal gambling by ensuring that people who gambled did so in a controlled environment that met strict standards of integrity. This ensured that any surplus money generated could be channelled back into the community through charities rather than being diverted into the pockets of illegal syndicates. In recent years, the organisation has embarked on a digitalisation journey to stay ahead of emerging gaming trends and to ensure that its online betting platform continues to meet high standards of security, performance, and reliability for customers.

With this in mind, the company turned to international technology leader, IGT, for a powerful central lottery system and related technologies that would drive lottery innovation and enable it to respond quickly to customer demands. IGT’s Aurora solution was built to handle the high volume of transactions that Singapore Pools conducts. It was also designed to be scalable to support future growth.

The system also features a multi-layered security framework that is backed by industry best practices. This includes a firewall that isolates the lottery systems from external internet connections, and an intrusion detection system that monitors traffic for suspicious patterns. In addition, the system features a database that is regularly updated with information on known and suspected threats to lottery systems. This information is stored in a protected area and is only accessible to authorized personnel.

The new system is scheduled to be in service by early 2023, at which time it will provide a much more seamless and efficient experience for all players. The enhanced lottery system will make use of more advanced encryption to safeguard the data, as well as a modernised user interface that is both simple and easy to navigate. The sgp pools app will also be updated to include this new functionality.

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