Data SGP Pools and Its Importance to Educators

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Student growth percentiles (SGP) are a powerful and straightforward way to evaluate student performance. SGPs are calculated by comparing a student’s raw score history with the scores of students who have taken the same test in previous years (their academic peers). A student’s SGP indicates whether their progress is above, below or at the average for their grade and subject area.

Educators often find that SGP data are most useful when it is used to identify underachieving students or high achieving students who need extra support in reaching their goals. These analyses help them develop targeted learning plans and provide parents with a clearer picture of their child’s achievement levels, including how much further they need to grow in order to reach proficiency.

SGP analysis tools can also be used to assess accelerated programs and ensure that the majority of students remain on track with their peers. SGP metrics can also be used to determine if students are growing at the right rate, and identify any gaps in instruction that need to be addressed.

To support educators in using this data, the SGP package contains an extensive library of documentation and vignettes that describe how to perform various types of SGP analyses. These resources provide a thorough explanation of SGP calculations and processes, while presenting the information in terms that are familiar to teachers and parents. The SGP package also includes higher level functions that simplify the source code associated with operational analyses. These functions also utilize a state specific meta-data set called SGPstateData that is embedded in the SGP package.

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