How to Create a Data Governance Program

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If you’re serious about your business data, then you need to make sure that the people who work with it are doing so properly. This means having a solid data governance program in place. A data governance framework provides a clear set of policies that will align your information with the overall business goals and objectives. This will increase your organization’s return on investment. It will also reduce the risk of regulatory penalties and litigation.

The first step to creating a data governance program is to define the vision and business case. The vision defines the broad strategic objective that you want to achieve with your governance initiative, and the business case explains how you will accomplish it. It will also specify the actual people (roles), technologies and processes you need to implement.

Once you’ve defined your vision and business case, it’s time to put the proper people in place to support and govern your data. You’ll need data stewards who are the business and IT subject matter experts for your data governance framework. These stewards will be responsible for translating how your governance program affects the business’s processes, decisions and interactions. They’ll be a bridge between the two teams, and experienced business analysts make great data stewards. You’ll also need a data governance leader who will coordinate tasks for your stewards and provide ongoing guidance to them. This person will be the primary point of escalation for data governance issues and will lead ongoing data audits and metrics to measure program success and ROI.

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